Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Liberal idiocy runs amok. Employee fired for admitting that he owned a gun.

by Rob Janicki

The gated community of Lakes of the Four Seasons in Indiana likes to bill itself as “Chicagoland’s best kept secret.”

Apparently the secret is that the Lakes of the Four Seasons is run by a group of liberal a$$holes who believe they can deprive an employee of a job if he or she owns a gun. You aren't going to believe this is happening in America. This is the modus operandi of socialist and fascist societies.

Imagine getting fired for merely indicating that you owned a gun, which you kept at home for self-defense.  The good news to this travesty is that, under the law, the action taken by the board of the Lakes of the Four Seasons is clearly illegal.

Mr. Ferlaino (the victim of this egregious violation of law) is now pursuing a suit against Lake of the Four Seasons for punitive and actual damages, alleging that LOFS violated Indiana’s  “take your gun to work law” by asking him if he carried a gun.

As the article points out, an employer cannot make a condition of employment an act by management that violates an employee's constitutional rights.  I suspect the victim, Mr. Ferlaino, will win a large jury verdict of this blatant attempt to strip a private gun owner of his rights under law.  The alternative is that the Lake of the Four Seasons board will settle out of court, rather than subject themselves to a likely crushing financial verdict from a jury.  A good defense attorney would be obligated to advise his client to take an out-of-court settlement rather than risk an unknown possibility to sustaining a bankrupting jury verdict.  We'll have to wait and see how bright the attorney for the Lakes of the Four Seasons really is.
Click here to read more details of this unbelievable act to really understand how stupid and idiotic some liberals can be.

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