Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Dianne #Feinstein Wags the Dog away from the #GruberHearing

How true? So, pray tell, why did Senator Dianne Feinstein select yesterday morning to release her partisan, self-serving Intelligence Committee report on interrogation policies during the Bush administration? The fact that the CIA increased efforts to extract intelligence from enemy combatants after 9-11 and the horrifying demise of over 3,000 innocents on American soil killed in orchestrated terrorist attacks isn't news to anyone.
The only conclusion is that Feinstein's report would capture headlines and distract the American people from the House Oversight Committee's grilling of MIT economist, Jonathan Gruber. So, today the news that the CIA used torture on its enemies and that America, in Feinstein's opinion, made a bad mistake in allowing these practices in the past dominated the headlines. And because of her wag-the-dog moment, many were distracted from the more important and relevant news of the day: Obamcare was passed by intentional deception.
Many Americans have received health insurance cancellations and are scrambling to decide the least crappy option offered now courtesy of Obamacare. Liberal and progressive pundits and sycophants have claimed these cancellations are due to the eradication of junk health care plans that didn't offer comprehensive, government-mandated, health care coverage. Instead of catering a health plan to a person's or family needs, Obamacare now offers a one-size-fits-all option which is a giant leap toward a single-payer system.

Gruber, through his arrogance, spilled the beans on the theory behind crafting the legislation to be intentionally deceptive to the "stupid" American voter. But, he failed miserably to distance himself from his role in advising Democrats on how to create the legislation to fool the CBO so it would not score Obamacare as a tax. 

Gruber basically contradicted everything previously caught on videotape and offered an apology for glib comments, claiming he did so to impress his colleagues. The performance was utterly unbelievable and pathetic but did allow Rep. Trey Gowdy to once again do what he does best - expose the fraud perpetrated by the progressive left.

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  1. Feinstein's release of the Senate Report on CIA Torture was so patently cynical and a planned means to deflect the public's attention away from the House hearings on 'Grubergate' and professor Gruber's plan to obfuscate the foundations of Obamacare to hide all its horrors in order for politicians to pass it and the public to accept it.

    BTW, the Senate Report was a piece of garbage. It was old news, compiled by shoddy means that even the DOJ refused to act upon for lack of evidence. The DOJ investigation revealed no criminal activity under the laws in existence at the time, which was 10 years ago. If Feinstein thought this report would burnish her legacy as she nears retirement, she is sadly mistaken. It it a petty retrospective hatchet job that she tried to resurrect from the rearview mirror of history that has already passed on this subject.