Thursday, November 20, 2014

Scores of people have said fictional character Atticus Finch...

was their inspiration to become a lawyer.

Not one person has stepped forward and stated their inspiration in becoming a lawyer was former law professor *cough, cough* Barack Obama whom we have been led to believe by main stream media as being an exceptionally gifted Constitutional Scholar.

Hell, has anyone stepped forward and admitted they took a class he taught? 


  1. Great observation! I have always wondered why no one stepped forward to indicate they attended any of Obama's classes in Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago. For that matter, I have also wondered why no one has come forward to indicate that they had a class with Obama either at Harvard Law, Columbia University or at Occidental College here in southern California. I do recall there was one guy at Columbia that commented on Obama as being something of a "hanger on", rather than some kind of standout scholar.

  2. I think the guy you refer to admitted being a fellow student of O's.
    One would think that after +6 yrs as preezy the lame brain media would be interviewing scores of his students in order to further burnish Barack's image as a brilliant constitutional scholar.

  3. It really is odd isn't it? I know a few people who'd met notable personalities before they became notable and they always mention it sooner or later as conversation permits. Now if I'd attended a class or even had sat and chatted with someone who later became President, I'd recall that and bring it up certainly. There's something about a person rising to that having the ability to jog it loose sooner or later.