Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#Ferguson Protesters Create Fake #Amazon Wedding Registry

Now this is just plain weird - a fake Amazon wedding registry listed as OBS & MORE Jail Support and STL Legal Collective's Wedding Registry. Amazon allows anyone to create a wish list to beg for whatever the heart desires. So, why would Shona Clarkson fake a wedding registry to ask for protesting supplies in Ferguson, MO?

According to her LinkedIn profile, Clarkson is another one of those community organizers just trying to make a difference in this world. As the Director of the Inter-Faith Committee on Latin America, it makes total sense that she should be involved in the Ferguson protests, right? On Twitter the @IFCLA bio clearly states it is a social and economic justice organization that organizes, educates and mobilizes in solidarity with the people of Latin America.  The last time Unicorns checked, the people of Latin America weren't having a problem in Ferguson, but that fact hasn't stopped Clarkson from joining in the protesting fun with fellow agitator Keith Rose, a self-described linguist, activist, and queer leftist veggie.
Anyway . . . back to the faux wedding registry . . . the "Event" date is listed as August 9, 2016, the two-year anniversary of the fateful day when Officer Wilson shot and killed Mike Brown.

Under "Couples' Style," Clarkson states:
As the (non)indictment announcement approaches, it is so important that we have all of the supplies delivered and ready to be put into use on the ground within the very first hour. We ask that you support us *right now* and not put it off until it is too late. We recommend that you consider the materials below based on "Priority (high to low)".
Under "Description," Clarkson claims:
This registry was set up to provide material support to the Jail Support Collective and to the Sanctuary Spaces that will open immediately following the indictment announcement. Sanctuary Spaces will provide respite, nourishment, and healing to protestors, activists and organizers. We rely on these donations to keep folks safe, happy, working and healthy! 
Clarkson also gives props to other organizations (OPS & MORE) in Ferguson ramping up agitation for a rumored non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson. 

If you're wondering, yes, many requested wedding gifts have been purchased but there are still some needs should you desire to contribute. But, please be aware, under "Note":
This couple has requested no gift wrap.

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