Tuesday, November 4, 2014

#5 Reason to #VoteDemsOut

Let's face it . . . Democrat ideas of big, nanny-state government do not work. If they did, six years of Barack Obama should have brought us to the promise land. The reason for this is none other than liberal policies are based on unrealistic ideals. So, if Democrats cannot win with their ideas, they turn to polarization and demonization of the opposition party. And, sadly, the Republican party has allowed itself to be painted as the greedy, white, one percenters.

That's why it's all too easy for Democrats, in danger of losing the majority in the US Senate, to use desperate, race baiting tactics. In trying to persuade a certain demographic, all politicians must speak to what that segment of people cares about most.

But consider what is worse, scaring people into voting because their children might be innocently shot in the street by police or that if Republicans take control, President Barack Obama will be impeached, or even worse - lynched. Or is it a black man appealing for a mindset change based on truth and facts calling out the Democrat party and its politicians for who they really are?

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